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Bella was a Christmas present.

My husband said he was going fishing one afternoon, when he called me stating he had a "flat tire", and he was going to be late. When he said late, I didn't expect him to walk through the door at 10:00 pm. But when he did, I instantly forgave him when he placed baby Bella on my lap.

Background: Unique lineage from Russia, with many champion bloodlines (Official certificate upon request)

Height: 15"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Color: Red & White
Age: 8
Personality: Wonderful temperament, loving, and a great family dog. Bella also loves other dogs.
Health: She is in perfect health. Bella has no known allergies to anything, and no genetic defects are present.
Interests: Playing football, laying by the fire, and sunbathing. Bella also loves water!!!
Credentials: AKC and RKF registered